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Adding associations to spaces?

Question asked by kritischer on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2007 by rivarola
I have a need for being able to associate a number of content objects with an Alfresco space.

I've read the Packt Publishing Alfresco book and the "Working with Custom Content Types" article on and could use some advice…please

I can see that in a content model xml file I can model a new content type with a specified "parent". Usually it would seem people use cm:content as the parent type but I know that it is possible to use cm:folder. The problem is, is that when I use cm:folder for the parent of the new type and add my custom:name to the Add content wizard section of the web client config and try to add that content the log yells at me and says that I can't add content that extends cm:folder.

Is there a way to extend the add spaces wizard so that I can select my custom space?