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generic solution for SSO

Question asked by jc on Oct 18, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2007 by jc
[re-posting to this forum to see if it will evoke a response :) ]
We are trying to use Alfresco at my company as a content management solution. We intend to deploy Alfresco in a WAS 6.1 instance. We use WebSphere Portal and we would like to know what the Alfresco team believes is a potential solution that ought to work to implement SSO between our Portal app server and the Alfresco App Server. We know LTPA is not supported. Anything else? The goal is that a user's credentials be federated across to Alfresco so that Alfresco's authorization kicks in with very little plumbing.

I don't know too much about Authentication filtering yet and am trying to get a handle on things, so please tolerate the abstractness of my question here.

Thank you.