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Add content but don't wanna see it there!

Question asked by fbehfar on Feb 1, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2009 by fbehfar
Hi there,
I want a permission, with it I'm able to add a content. but after I uploaded it, I don't wanna be able to save it or open it!
like a Post box, you can add a mail there but you can not reach it after you through it!
In other word, this permission should be able to add a content in a space, but as soon as that user added it, he/she shouldn't see it!
My manager wants a space, in which his colleagues, could add a content but after they upload it, no one (even the uploader) should be able to reach it or even to see it! In alfresco, every file you see it you can download (or save as) it to your PC. I wanna see only the name of the file without the ability to download or save as it.
Actually I don't want any of read or copy or Preview Permissions, I just wanna add a content without seeing it.

another question:
Can I get a log to see, who has downloaded a specific file? I can see the history of the file, when they check out/in the file, but I wanna have a log of the people who has downloaded or opened it!
is there any solution?

thank you in advance!