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CIFS / SMB error preventing document upload via CIFS

Question asked by chrisb on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2009 by sofar1218
Attempting to upload more than 200 Word docs via the CIFS interface causes CIFS connected shares from Windows XP clients to disconnect and requires Alfresco to be restarted. Alfresco Tomcat log shows the following error at the same time the Windows client shows the disconnected message:

ERROR [alfresco.smb.protocol] Socket closed by remote client

Platform / configuration:
Apache running on RHEL5.1 connecting to Alfresco Tomcat instance using mod_jk connector
Alfresco v2.1.1E running on RHEL5.1 under Tomcat
PostgreSQL database running on RHEL5.1

I believe the issue is the same one described in this JIRA bug:

There is a fix slated for SP4 according to the JIRA issue (for v2.2E) - has anyone heard how soon this is likely to be?

In the meantime has anyone found an alternative way to offer users a drag and drop upload from Windows into Alfresco that doesn't use CIFS (I was thinking maybe webdav based shares or FTP)?

This is currently a bit of a showstopper for the system we are rolling out as we need to upload approx 20K+ Word documents into our repository, which are then converted to PDF's. Whilst it may be possible to do the PDF conversion for a one off bulk upload some other way (PDFBox or similar?), we are still left with the problem of uploading the documents in such a way as to trigger our metadata tagging and other rules currently defined on the document upload folders in Alfresco.

Also going forwards we have approx 30-50 end users that need to reliably connect to the Alfresco repository via CIFS for uploading documents as part of their daily use of the system. Does anyone with a similar setup have experience of whether the issue above is likely to make this approach unworkable?

Any suggestions / feedback on resolving the issue above greatly appreciated, or a timeframe for when the SP4 2.2E version of Alfresco will be available for download.