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Custom content model and complex field queries

Question asked by mysparkle on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2009 by rmonteiro
Hi :)

I am hoping to build a rather simple set of custom content objects which will have editable property fields of different data types. The different object types will have internal relations of typical 1-1, 1-n type. The amount of data stored and cross referenced will be voluminous! In this particular case every object will contain a report with partly scientific structured data. Building custom objects is as I have understood it is a basic feature in the Alfresco framework.

Now comes the tricky part (perhaps), I want to be able to query the model for subsets of objects depending on property values. Just like you would query any dbms for result sets.

Is this something that comes natural to Alfresco?
Could Records Management be suitable for such an application?