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Dynamically changing JSP's like HTML

Question asked by nitinaggarwalin on Oct 22, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2007 by tommorris

We have a Struts based web Application and we are using Alfresco as CMS.

The problem we are facing is to dynamically edit jsp pages(we have about 60-70 jsps) in our application.

Can anyone tell me how we can have the changes being reflected on the run if any of the  content managers / admin changes the JSP from Alfresco.

One approach we tried was:
1 Manually create a XSD and a XSLT corresponding to each JSP.
2. Using these XSD and XSLT we had alfresco generate the corresponding XML for us.
3 Then try to create an HTML from that xml using alfresco.
4. Include this html in the JSP code and removing all the previous code from the JSP.

But the drawback to this approach is a lot of re work and tediousness.

Can any one suggest another better efficient alternative.      

Nitin Aggarwal