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With WebSphere, 'The system is currently in read-only m

Question asked by jc on Oct 23, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2007 by jc
I have just managed to deploy the alfresco.war file successfully to my WebSphere App Server. I can login as admin, no problems. But I get an error if I try to create content, or a space or a user, any operation. The error is always the same: an Access Denied followed by "The System is currently in read-only mode". Note that the same app works correctly in Tomcat.
Note that:
    There are no logs in my app server log.
    I do have the guest account. No ldap ingtegration yet. is identical to my app in Tomcat.
    in fact, all xml files in the classes/alfresco folder and in the alfresco/extension are copies of each other.
Please share any ideas you may have as this has me baffled.