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Problems with AMP structure

Question asked by alex888 on Feb 3, 2009
Hi all,

I've benn trying to clarify myself with all the documentation about that, but obviously I didn't success.

I have an Eclipse project with all the new customize things for the base Alfresco installation you can imagine. New dashlets, icons, css, web scripts, scripts, customized component for the UI in java clases, new configurations for jsf files (faces-config-beans.xml and faces-config-repo.xml), a new content model…

I succeded in applying the new content model and the java code is working too, but I'mk not able to make Alfresco find my new dashlets. I tried with several different structures I found in the wiki, but anyone works. Please, could anyone explain (for dummies, please) how to do that.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards.