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Search in WCM

Question asked by tjholmes on Oct 23, 2007
Search in WCM seems to be a hot-button issue.  I spent all day yesterday researching these forums and the Wiki's and the Net in general for answers.

Yes, I have used the Content Retrieval web-script with the path in order to get data from the repository.      I still need an example on how to get content via the node-dbid.    I've been trying to get that work and I'm not having any luck.

One of the things we want to do is create a sequenced list.  Using xforms, and the XML data seems to be very well suited …. except what do we use as a noderef to existing WCM content??????????????

We can't save our lists with a noderef to content, since the noderef includes the path, and the path might change … and in our case will change … often.   We can't use node-dbid since that changes when the path changes, or if the data is edited since the node-dbid is tied to versions.   And outside of WCM there is a uuid … web-content doesn't have a UUID … but it should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   All Wcm content should have a FIXED Id that we can retrieve data by … and right now I haven't seen that.

A co-worker tells me there is a bin file attached to the WCM content, and that has a unique id/filename.   There also seems to be a unique ID for WCM content in the database …. maybe I can use that?     But do I use a web-script or some of the other SDK web-services in order to get that WCM content unique id.

Of course … we might need to create  our own xforms widget to create a guid for WCM content and then extra that metadata into an aspect.