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Is it possible to run services outside of the container?

Question asked by corridor on Oct 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2008 by mindthegab
We are trying to navigate the integration waters with Alfresco and the root context of liferay to add new portals which call on the services available in the spring context.

One of my first steps has been to try running the application within a maven 2 integration test project (and ultimately in another war file). Before I continue chasing down the exceptions thrown back at me while trying this, I'd like to ask:

Can alfresco be run outside of the alfresco webapp and outside of the container? When I try to load the startup around the existing application context I get an error that the CacheManager is not alive. Is this just the first in a long line of hurdles, or is there a simple way to accomplish this (e.g., an existing IT test)?

What we need is to call file folder operations, and these are not available in the web services stack. Web scripting isn't an option for us. Our alternatives appear to be either getting the services running within our webapp or adding a servlet/ws interface to the alfresco war to call into.