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Alfresco deploy Weblogic - Error Win32 Net bios

Question asked by ivi_333 on Feb 4, 2009

I try to deploy Alfresco (a version 2 years ago) in Weblogic 9.2 and WindowsXP (no more options) and when started Weblogic the following error show in console.

10:22:06,828 ERROR [org.alfresco.smb.protocol] Error accessing Win32 NetBIOS, check DLL is on the path

Is very critic?

I downloaded:

and copied this dll in system32 folder and server folder's Weblogic.

The webapp load fine in navigator, the next problems are authentication, user/password not are corrects (admin/admin) . BBDD is configured in Oracle 10g.

Any relation with dll errors and no loguin in Alfresco?

Thanks in advance.