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Adding a new TinyMCE plugin, new custom button in the editor

Question asked by fmurialdo on Oct 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by lakshmi
We created new TinyMCE plugin following the recommendations from
We put the new plugin folder in the Alfresco install alfresco/scripts/tiny_mce/plugins/
Then updated web-client-config-wcm.xml to add the button for the plugin.
This is apparently not enough. What else do you need to do? How do the plugin get registered?
There is a table folder for a table plugin in the plugins directory, if we remove that folder and rename our new plugin folder as 'table' then it picks up our plugin under that name.

<widget xforms-type="xf:textarea" javascript-class-name="alfresco.xforms.RichTextEditor">
             <param name="theme_advanced_buttons1">bold,italic,underline,separator,forecolor,backcolor,separator,link,unlink,table</param>