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Node type not available through BrowseBean?

Question asked by davidpisaac on Oct 25, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2008 by gilles

I cannot seem to access a node's "type" property through the BrowseBean in a JSP through a richList.  That is:

<h:outputText id="col10-nodeinfo" value="#{NavigationBean.currentNode.type}" />

correctly shows a node's type, but:

<h:outputText id="col10-nodeinfo2" value="#{r.type}" />

where r is bound to a node in a richList displays nothing.  Aren't these both Node objects?  I can display name and ID, but not type or path.

I am trying to implement a custom action tied directly to an item in the browse page list based on the object type.  Since the link on the object's icon and name are not configurable Actions, I must perform this test in a modified browse JSP rather than through an Alfresco config with evaluator for an action.