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Amazon S3 as remote/backup/shared filestore

Question asked by ofrxnz on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2009 by ofrxnz
Today i had the idea that their may be a use for being able to use Amazon's S3 system as a the backup filestore or the shared filestore for a cluster. 

I know there may be some bandwidth issues and i probably couldn't use it due to federal regulations but for a small shop it would handle all of their file backups. 

Clearly the primary store would have to be on the local drive but a remote store like this may prove useful to someone.

Anyone have any input on this?


P.S. Amazon also has the DB and system service but i think there would be too much of a performance issue unless  they were used as a backup or the shop had no LAN business only internet based Alfresco.