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Timeout when trying to view Modified Items

Question asked by trish on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2009 by uzi
We are using Alfresco 2.1. We reported an issue with Alfresco Support that when you modify a ton of files (1000+), the system times out when trying to retrieve the list under Modified items in your sandbox. But Support said even though we can’t retrieve the list, we can still submit to staging using the SUBMIT ALL. We are new to Alfresco and never used the Submit All feature.

Has anyone run across this issue? Have you used the Submit All before? Will it submit everything to Staging and try to retrieve the list of what's been submitted? We don’t want to have the same timeout issue when we attempt that or deploy to production. We plan on deploying tomorrow and wondering if we need to have a backup plan or some other way to get the files to Staging. Thank you!