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How to setup NTLM SSO and not Passthru?

Question asked by carltonw on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by bessong
I'm pulling my hair trying to get CIFS, Share and Alfresco all setup with NTLM SSO. I'm able to get Alfresco NTLM SSO and Passthru working, but that breaks CIFS and I've never been able to get Share NTLM working with version 3 Stable.
If I want NTLM SSO (without Passthru) working on the Alfresco and Share site, but want NTLM SSO and Passthru working on CIFS what files do I need to change?
(I'm running Centos 5.2, Alfresco 3 Stable, clients are XP Pro and Vista. AD is running on Windows 2003 servers.)

I'd really like to get this test environment setup so I can get some in-house testing started and get some end users in front of this so we can nix Sharepoint.
Please don't point me to the Alfresco 3 Stable PDF. If someone could just list the files needed for editing and what needs to be changed in each I would greatly appreciate it.