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search without acl

Question asked by ale on Oct 29, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2007 by ale
i need to develop a kind of fast search service. the ideal situation is:

a group X
a space Y

group X can see all documents in space Y so i don't want to  care about ACL when searching - the main goal is: "it has to be super fast".

i tried creating a bean that link "fileFolderService" becouse i saw that "FileFolderService" is, indeed, a proxy.

i suppose that "fileFolderService", not being proxied, would have skip alla ACL controls. it's not so: i tested it putting a break point in ACLEntryAfterInvocationProvider.decide

what's the most high level service i can use to query the repository for node without firing ACL evaluation?