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hej, a simple problem on CAS setting

Question asked by nijiworld on Oct 30, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2007 by andy
helllo, friends
I have a simple problem when i see this
Finally I have alfresco 1.4 and liferay 4.2.1 smoothly authenticating with CAS. To get it, you have to change just a row of the NovellIChainsHTTPRequestAuthenticationFilter class (and rename it if you like as CASAuthenticationFilter):

String authHdr = (String) req.getSession().getAttribute(CASFilter.CAS_FILTER_USER);
I uncompile the class NovellIChainsHTTPRequestAuthenticationFilter from the jar file, but i cannot compile it back after modification.

And i wonder this method can work described in below post
because my alfresco is 2.1.0

thanks have a nice day