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Aspect works on Community version 2, not on Enterprise 2.1

Question asked by cm.alfresco on Oct 30, 2007
Hey All,

I'm a bit puzzled. I created an aspect using community network 2, but I get an error using this aspect with Enterprise Network 2.1! When I try to aply the aspect to a content item, I get the message:

Failed to run Actions due to error: The aspect is invalid: {custom.model}Factuur

Also I noticed that the title in the Aspect ddl is different from the one I get in the community version. In the comm. version it says "Factuur details" (just as the title-tag descibes), but in the network version, it just says "Factuur"

Any thoughts?

Here is the custom model xml aspect source:

   <!– Definition of new Content Aspect: Invoice  Details –>
   <aspect name="custom:Factuur">
   <title>Factuur Details</title>
   <property name="custom:Factuurnummer">
   <property name="custom:Factuurdatum">
   <property name="custom:Crediteur">
   <property name="custom:NettoBedrag">
   <title>Netto Bedrag</title>
   <property name="custom:BTWBedrag">
   <title>BTW Bedrag</title>
   <property name="custom:BrutoBedrag">
   <title>Bruto Bedrag</title>