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2.2.0 webscripts in \extension\templates\webscript not found

Question asked by stijndereede on Oct 30, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2007 by stijndereede
Hi all,

I'm trying to develop an application in java which can add files to the repository. To this end I'm planning to extend the File Upload Sample webscript. Since this isn't available in Alfresco 2.1, I'm using 2.2.0dev.
The problem is that when using 2.2.0dev, the webscripts in /extension/templates/webscripts aren't loaded when I refresh the webscripts. When I put my webscript in /templates/webscripts it is loaded.
I know that I can easily continue developing by placing my webscript in the templates dir, but this isn't compliant to the standard. Is this a bug in 2.2.0dev?