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Spring-Webapp in virtualization server extremly slow

Question asked by steffenk on Feb 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by steffenk
Hi Everyone,

in a few words: i have dropped a spring webapp that works with webscripts (using "Alfresco Surf" in this case) in my webproject. When starting the virtualization server, it comes very quickly to the point:
AVMHostConfig deployAVMdirectory
From this point on, loading the rest of the webapp takes long time(about 2-3minutes per box). This happens for each and every sandbox. The Webapp itself is 25MB large.

After some profiling with JRAT, i can deliver the following issues:
- Overall startuptime with only one sandbox (that is staging, admin and two preview boxes) took 10 minutes !!
- AVMHostConfig deployAVMdirectory took 50seconds for each and every box
- org.springframework.remoting.rmi.RmiInvocationWrapper_Stub.invoke(), and need about 5 minutes in total.

Having the taskmanager opened, you can see that the alfresco tomcat needs a lot of cpu - while the virtserver does nearly nothing (5-20%). I know that there are some issues virtualizing a spring webapp. But this behaviour is strange to me. Running the Webapp in a standalone tomcat, it takes nearly 5 seconds to come up. Saying it is 20x faster than virtualizing it.

My Questions:
- Is it possible that my spring webapp clashes with the RMI settings of alfresco and the virtserver?
- Why is this whole thing so slow? Even log messages are coming up very slowly in the console.
- What about the I/O performance fo the alfresco repository?? Could this be the limting factor?

Please help me, any ideas would be appreciated

- Steffen

This is my environment:
Win XP 32bit
Core 2 Duo E7200
4GB Ram
running: Alfresco trunk of november 2008