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TinyMCE and escape characters

Question asked by camozzi on Oct 31, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2007 by camozzi
I've been having an issue with alfresco and escape characters, but only for on specific instance. In my web forms I have text areas that use the TinyMCE editor. To enter code like the copyright symbol, I have added the option to edit the html so I can put in the escape sequence &copyright; . I have to do it this way, because just putting the symbol on the editor causes some weird results on the pages themselves (i.e. strange symbols).    Most of the escape sequences work, but when I do the escape seq. for registered trade mark (® or even the numeric equivalent), TinyMCE seems to convert the symbol to its actual value - causes a display issue on the page. Has anyone encountered this issue? Can anyone help? Thanks!   -Jeff