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C# POST and Authentication

Question asked by holein1 on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by ejholmgren
Here's a weird one. I'm POSTing content to a Web Script using C# and UploadData. The content comes to the C# method as bytes (not a file reference). UploadData in C# allows me to Authenticate, POST metadata and the content all in one call, which is great. However, if the web script requires authentication, there is a delay in the POST equal to the setting of <Connector connectionTimeout …. /> in Tomcat's server.xml while the script authenticates the user - as though the URI hadn't been presented.

If I remove authentication from the script's post.desc.xml file, the same POST executes immediately.

Anyone else experience this problem? I've temporarily worked around it by using the kludge where you tack "guest" on to the POST as a parameter, change the script's authentication to "guest", and give guest the Contributor role to the space I'm creating the content in. But, that's not going to fly for long, because I'm effectively removing security for that script.