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.war and full : not the same [SOLVED]

Question asked by funzy91 on Feb 10, 2009

At first sorry for my english :)

I've 2 servers with Alfresco 3

One has been installed with the full release ( exe 3.1) . (Win 2003, mysql 5.0)
The other has been installed with the .war file (c 1342). There're already tomcat applications on this server. (Win 2003, tomcat 5.5-17, mysql 5.0, apache 2.0.59)

problem : In the Administration Console > Manage Users Groups   : with the full install i've two groups : ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS Group and EMAIL_CONTRIBUTORS,
but with the war release i've only this group : EMAIL_CONTRIBUTORS.   :cry:
I need the alfresco administrator group.

Something to configure ? A bad .war release ?

EDIT : the war release was r1342 (official website) et the full release is r15XX … I've found .war r1547 (nightly build) and it's ok now.