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Alfresco customization = extensive XML writing?

Question asked by bdubois on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by mrogers

It seems to me that any practical use of Alfresco would require amongst others to (i) to extend the data model; and (ii) specify workflows.

AFAIK, the creation of custom content model can be implemented through:
1. Defining custom aspects as assignable characteristics
2. Defining custom content types as distinct significant concepts with inherent characteristics

Both of these implementation strategies require extensive XML writing.

Similar, the required Task Model creation in the context of Workflow specifications also requires extensive XML writing, as this is not covered by the JBoss jBPM Process Designer eclipse plug-in.

It strikes me as odd to find that there is no higher-level support for such common usage scenarios, e.g., by having this integrated nicely in the web interface. Is there truly no other means than to throw yourself at the raw XML files? And if so, is this a sign of immaturity, or am I simply too demanding?  :wink: 

Kind regards,
Bart Du Bois.