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Word template fill-up

Question asked by ivo.costa on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by mviswam

I'm trying to have some word template filled with data that the users enters as metadata.
I'm looked into POI that I think Alfresco uses but I can't find any documentation for this

what I need is something like this

1) user selects create new content
2) if possible user selects "information template" (in the box where you can choose html, xml, etc)
3) user fills up the metadata (name, serial-number(already calculated using behavior), etc)
4) word comes up with a document already partially filled up by alfresco (this might be done some other way but document must have data writen through alfresco)

any Ideia on number 2 and number 4???

edit: couldn't find any afterCreateNodePolicy… is there such thing?? any alternatives?
edit2: onUpdateProperties might work, but will it be triggered by a onCreateNode behavior that updates some properties???