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WYSIWYG website editing with Browser XForms

Question asked by damonsmith on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by damonsmith
Hi all,

This is unrelated to the other recent WYSIWYG thread.  Having looked at web forms, they seem to inflexible and hard to develop for what I need.  To get around that, I've built a prototype that uses the mozilla XForms plugin instead, some javascript to display and update the web page inline, and a simple webscript to update text file contents.
With this I can get a proper overlayed inline editor on my website, with templated content that is instantly inserted into the page, and can then be posted to the Alfresco server.  Editor types and templates can be configured for each part of the page, and running the site in edit-mode from Alfresco preview makes the whole thing work seamlessly.  Content providers can just log in, hit preview, then mouse around to see mouseover labels for the parts of the site they want to edit.  No laborious training needed.
This approach is more useful for my content providers, (who manage banners and links very frequently in many languages and regions), than people who want to write press releases every week with complicated approval workflows. (This approach can still use workflows though of course)

I know the surf platform has similar aspirations, but I've found that CMS's out of the box tend not to support my requirements for translation, regionalisation, and asset caching and versioning, without running databases and scripting languages on content servers. 

If anyone's interested in this as a general approach, I have agreement in principal to make it Free Software, I could definitely use the help, and I'd be happy to discuss how I'm using it in my company.

Also, I'd be more than happy to find ways to integrate this as a Surf editor or find out how Surf can perhaps provide some of the same functionality.

Damon Smith