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Website Migration Questions

Question asked by on Nov 2, 2007

My Company are thinking about migrating a Rails Site to Alfresco.

If someone could answer my questions it would be appreciated.

1. What would be the best architecture for a Rails site, that has a few forms (that end user uses to contact company, give feedback and apply for jobs)?

I have been going through the WCM Evaluation, and it seems that the forms there are really for Content Lifecycle, not for taking feed back from a User.

So what would be best approach to using Alfresco Arch to do this? Or would it be better to leave them as Ruby Forms?

For an Initial Migration, I thought the simplest approach is to put all the content and scripts in repo and then slowly migrate the features over to WCM for any content that would change rapidly like press release and news stories. Would this be an appropriate approach?

Does the Preview of the site handle Ruby on Rails?

Any help would be appreciated,