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Automatically creating pdf documents

Question asked by lukipela on Feb 10, 2009
Hi all,

please excuse me if my question sounds silly or obvious, but I am a newbe on alfresco and I really can't find if it can do what I am searching for.

What I need is the possibility to create automatically pdf documents based on forms that should be available within a space: the users are mainly project managers or technical persons, and they need to publish on a daily basis lots of documents which are mostly based on the same templates: meeting minutes, reports, QA documentation and so on. I would like alfresco to publish a "form", where users would put text inside "fields", some of whom should be pre-filled with values based on parameters such as the date, project number (which could be tied to the space where the users is). After clickin' on a submit-or-whatever button, alfresco should create a PDF document based on a template and filled with data written by the user, move the pdf to a certain space, and eventually send it to the user via e-mail.

I'am pretty sure that I can achieve that with alfresco. I've read something about "web forms", but I am not a developer and I am not sure if I understood the documentation.

Any hint would be REALLY appreciated.

Many thanks.