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JLAN Sources - Where is the lastest version?

Question asked by bbp on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2012 by msalihg
I'm looking for JLAN to build my own CMS because I think that library is doing exactly what I want. Unfortunatly, I'm not able to find the lastest version of the sources.

So far, I have found 4 differents places to download the library and/or sources of 4 differents versions:

1st, I search on Google and I found:
This page claim JLAN to not be free and offer a trial download. The download page redirect to:
But the Web site is not responding, so I suspect it to be a deprecated version.

2nd, I found a free version on SourceForge:
Version 4.0 - 2007-10-10
That version look prety old.

3rd, I found a version on the repository:
Version unknown - 2008 april-june
It sound up to date, but what I found on the next point let me think that's not the lastest version.

4th, I looked on the Alfresco war and found that it is using "alfresco-jlan-embed.jar" library:
Version unknown (probably the lastest) - 2008-12-5
But I can not find the source of that version.

The version from of the JLAN jar the Alfresco war seem to be up to date, but the class files in it are not all the same as the one found on the repository. I want to know where are the lastest sources of JLAN, the one used to compile "alfresco-jlan-embed.jar", if they are available.


P.S. It would be nice to clean everything up to help programmers to find the lastest version of the source code instead of multiple deprecated versions. Especialy the links to