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Evaluating Alfresco

Question asked by shravan.mahankali on Feb 11, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by shravan.mahankali
Hi Team,

We are evaluating couple of CMS tools(like: Alfresco, Jackrabbit, Drupal) and Alfresco being our most favorable tool, we would like your co-operation in this regard.

We are inclined towards Alfresco being it a Open source & Java platform enabled, at the same time we see Drupal has many features either built-in or as Free Ad-ons available satisfying many of their customers.

However, keeping our interest in mind, we are evaluating the Alfresco features built-in/ pluggable features, usability, performance, ease of deployment, ease of change management, Quick Support team, Quality solution at cheaper price, last but not the least good ROI.

We were looking at two key features that seem not available, they are: Captcha & Banner/ Advertising Management Could you advise, ways to integrate these features in to Alfresco.

Also, does Alfresco maintain any plug-in repository, that are deployed by community/ your dev team?

Thank You,
Shravan Kumar. M