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Alfresco file transfer very slow!

Question asked by durianwool on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2007 by jenglert

This may be related to HSQL or just Alf. I am running Alf 2.0 on an OpenSuse 10.2 box. Lately, the file transfer performance has been very bad, and I am suspecting that this is due to HSQL…

The file transfer at both http, ftp and CIFS is very slow on my installation that sits on a LAN. I'm only getting 130kBps! However, if I do a normal FTP to the server filesystem (on an alternate port now - 2121), it is very fast in the megabyte per sec region. So I suspect this is due to the HSQL.

I am also getting a lot of high CPU load which is caused by a java process. Since HSQL is a java db, I suspect it to be coming from this. Besides, I am sure that MySQL, being a native code app, would run more efficiently on my server than HSQL - and you have said that HSQL shouldn't be used in production.

Anyone came across such a situation?