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NEEDED: Migrating HSQL to MYSQL step by step instructions

Question asked by durianwool on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2007 by durianwool

Like many people, I got caught out like this guy in getting comfortable with the default HSQL installation. Now that more and more documents have been added to my Alfresco 2.0 installation, it looks like HSQL is starting to buckle*, and I need to migrate to MySQL.

The instructions in the Wiki went only to tell how to export from HSQL and import into MySQL. What next?!

Problem is I cannot find any assuring step-by-step instructions to do the migration.

I really think that this is a common problem and the developers should either:
1. provide a step-by-step instructions to migrate from HSQL to MySQL.
2. provide a utility to do so

Can somewhere please share their experience and instructions on doing so. I am not a MySQL nor HSQL expert!

*For what I mean by 'buckle' - see this related post.