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Making association links work (high-level advice needed)

Question asked by hbf on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2011 by itrub
Like some others, I want the Web Client user to be able to click on an association in the "Details of" dialog of a node (node A, say). What would show up then is the "Details of" dialog of the content node at the end of the association (let's call it node B). Ideally, if the user clicks the "Close" button of the latter dialog, she would be back in the origin "Details of" dialog, the one of node A.

I tried to implement this and have almost succeeded. (Again, like in the case of my AMP for TinyMCE textareas in the Web Client, I want to make the result available to others in form of an AMP.)

The problem I have run in is that when the user clicks on an association, the browser visits the correct URL (showDocDetails with the noderef of B) but still, the properties of node A are shown (see this issue also).

I just need some high-level advice to be able to continue working! Can somebody help?

1. Is it correct that the problem is due to a dialog/wizard being open? (As mentioned in the issue, the link to B works if you first close the dialog and enter the link into the browsers URL textfield.)

2. Provided my assumption 1. holds, what would be the way to go to alter this dialog? I guess I would have to add ANOTHER dialog (the one for B) onto the dialog stack. Would I use the Dispatch Mechanism for this? I have the feeling I need to alter showDocDetails (i.e., the filelink-details.jsp behind it) and replace it with a version that pushes on the dialog stack…

I am grateful for any guiding sentences!