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Best way to customize Web Client's TinyMCE editor

Question asked by hbf on Nov 2, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2007 by hbf
Hi there,

I need to customize the TinyMCE editor that the Web Client (not WCM) uses, i.e., the code

   <%– Init the Tiny MCE in-line HTML editor –%>

that is output by web-client/source/web/jsp/content/create-content-wizard/create-html.jsp and web-client/source/web/jsp/dialog/edit-html-inline.jsp.

What is, with respect to future updates of Alfresco, the best way to do this?

An AMP that overwrites the files comes to mind, as a brute-force solution.

Also, it seems (I might be wrong) that Customising An Alfresco JSP does not apply – at least, I don't know what "from-outcome" to specify.