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Problems moving from Labs 3c to 3d/stable

Question asked by bjohanns7p on Feb 11, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2009 by mikeh

we are currently moving (our testsystem :-) ) from alfresco labs 3c to 3d/stable.
Unfortunately alfresco 3d refuses to start up. Has anyone experienced the same?

Our procedure is:
- backup production mysql:alfresco
- backup production alf_data
—– on testsystem (a clone from production)
- take alfresco 3d/stable tomcat distribution
- replace alfresco 3c tomcat distribution with new distri
- install vti amp
- install studio.war
- customize 3d (property and xml-files) according to 3c
- restore alf_data and mysql:alfresco on test
- switch schema upgrade on
- start alfresco

we see in the logs a short patch sequence and that anything seems to be fine (apart from known noncritical errors) until
———- snip ———
java.lang.RuntimeException: No root found for :
   root path: /app:company_home/st:sites
        at org.alfresco.module.vti.handler.alfresco.VtiPathHelper$2.doWork(
this causes alfresco to go down completely.

If we zap the mysql:alfresco db forcing alfresco to do the db setup again everything works fine (indeed very very fine :-) ) - but we cannot dismiss all our documents and document histories.
A difference between our alfresco 3c (production) and the (newly initialized) 3d is the space "company_home/sites" which is missing in our 3c alfresco or was never there as our production db has a history comming from alfresco labs 3 and we never had this "sites" space seen there.

The error hints toward this fact - would it be sufficient to create a space "sites" on production before migrating to alfresco 3d? Shouldn't this be handled by the db patch procedure?

anno: As we were new to alfresco 3 I cannot guarantee that the "sites" space was really NEVER there. Perhaps it got deleted in the early days. But at least our alfresco 3/3b/3c worked well enough for us without this "sites"-space - until now.

Many thanks for any advice.