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Alfresco doesn't support two schema

Question asked by unknown-user on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2009 by jlukaszewicz
Hi All

Can anybuddy please tell me why alfresco doesn't support two schema for a port in DataBase?

Let me explain what I am asking. I created one schema 'alfresco' in PostgreSQL database.
I started the server. It's create 65 alfresco tables in this schema. I renamed this schema for example 'myschema'.
Then again I create one schema 'alfresco'  and again I start the server this time it creates one table 'alf_bootstrap_lock' in this new schema and it shows error 'schema auto updated failed. alf_bootstrap_lock patches not available'. I deleted this table and again I restarted the server then also it's create this table 'alf_bootstrap_lock' .

If I delete table 'alf_bootstrap_lock'  from alfresco and also delete the other existing schema 'myschema'.
Now I have only one schema in PostgreSQL database that is alfresco. If I start the server then it deploy successfully alfresco.war and it creates 65 tables in alfresco schema.

Any help highly appreciated.