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CIFS slowdown

Question asked by atariq on Nov 5, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2008 by callermd
We've been going through a departmental testing phase of Alfresco 2.1 (with CIFS and NTLM) here at the office and things have generally been looking good so far.

The way our repository has been setup now is to have the alf_data directory mapped over the network to a larger storage unit. I had made the necessary changes in the file to reflect the move and it was done without a problem. People have been using Alfresco now via CIFS and the web client for a week with a generally positive reaction.

There is, however, a somewhat serious issue that we have come across that we are looking to address ASAP. One of the directories in our repository contains approximately 250MB worth of documents (1700+ docs and pdfs). This particular directory takes ages (around 30 seconds to be exact) to load fully each time via CIFS and in the grand scheme of things (considering it's a pretty well-demanded directory for the department) the slowdown is cutting efficiency. What's odd is that the directory listing doesn't seem to be that slow via the web client.

Also, for your information, a versioning aspect has been turned on all directories.

If you have any insight on what could be causing the slowdown, I'll greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance.