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Labs3Final with MySQL on CentOS 5.2 (CIFS not working)

Question asked by roeldircks on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2009 by emarraro

I have installed Alfresco on my CentOS machine with MySQL.
The full install package doesn't work in combination with MySQL because you can't fix the errors you get, I searched all topics and no solutions posted actually work. Because of some wierd errors in Tomcat6 (which is included in the install package).
Somehow CentOS doesn't like Tomcat6 and MySQL to work together,because when you adjust all the config files you need to make MySQL working the Alfresco site doesn't load at all. When you put the config file back to use the default derby database then the Alfresco and Share site work without any problems.

But back to the original problem I wanted to post. I had to install the seperate files to make Alfresco work together with MySQL on my CentOS 5.2 machine.
I had to install Tomcat5 seperate, then MySQL 5.0.67 and ofcourse the Java version that Alfresco needs to work.
After I installed all updates and the things mentioned above I deployed the AlfrescoLabs.war. My Alfresco was working, only the Share site wasn't working, but that I also solved.
Now comes the problem, I can't reach my Alfresco server via CIFS. And I need CIFS to upload all the files and to add the network share for my test users. Without the CIFS share I can't complete my tests.

I now have 2 Alfresco machines running,
The 2nd testserver with the separate packages doesn't have a working CIFS server.
Now I looked at both Catalina.out log files to see some differences, but servers get the alfresco.smb.protocol ERROR, that it can't find the localdomain/workgroup. But that ERROR isn't really important because it is in both servers and 1 has a working CIFS.
I also checked all the config files mentioned in the Alfresco InstallGuide (the pdf file you can download from the Alfresco Labs download page)

Now my question is, which files are used to make the CIFS server work. Which config files do get adjusted in the Full Install Package which don't get adjusted in the AlfrescoLabs.war package. Because I think the problem is with some config files which aren't mentioned on the PDF file I have. In the PDF file (installguide) they mention the file-servers.xml and the file-servers-custom.xml. The guide has a configuration for them, which I used and is the same on both my testservers, so the problem isn't in those files.

I really hope anyone can help me get CIFS running on my 2nd testserver with the Seperate installed Alfresco.war package.
Our company needs to use Alfresco together with MySQL. So I have to go for the seperate install method, because the full install method doesn't provide a working situation.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,
Roel Dircks