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CIFS Nightmare... Permissions?

Question asked by kritischer on Nov 5, 2007
Hey guys.

I'm staging a deployment of Alfresco Community 2.1 Build R1 443 at my organization and am ready to put a bullet in my brain.

I'm working in a VM server test environment that is running Windows XPSP2.

I am able to configure CIFS so that I am able to map the Alfresco repository as a drive letter, so far so good…I am logged into CIFS using the admin account.

The problem happens when I try to create a new folder or traverse to a folder called "Released Documents" within the Alfresco ROOT.

If I try to create a folder or go into my "Released Documents" folder I am told that the resource is unavailable and that my life sucks.

I've never had a problem doing this in 2.0 community… Right out of the box I can work directly in CIFS.

Anyone have a clue?

I enabled smb debugging in the console and this is what is added to it when I map the location using the admin account.

16:04:05,005 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup NTLMSSP, MID=11377, UID=
0, PID=65279
16:04:05,005 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] User  logged on  (type Normal)
16:04:05,005 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] NT Session setup NTLMSSP, MID=11385, UID=
0, PID=65279
16:04:05,005 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] Null logon
16:04:05,020 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] Logged on using NTLMSSP/NTLMv2SessKey
16:04:05,020 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] User  logged on  (type Null)
16:04:05,020 DEBUG [smb.protocol.auth] Allocated UID=2 for VC=[1:2,[:null,Window
s 2002 Service Pack 2 2600,Windows 2002 5.1],Tree=0,Searches=0]
16:04:14,648 DEBUG [alfresco.smb.protocol] Logoff vc=[1:2,[:null,Windows 2002 Se
rvice Pack 2 2600,Windows 2002 5.1],Tree=1,Searches=0]

I get the feeling that my authentication context is not being processed.