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Adding additional authentication mechnism

Question asked by ddong on Nov 6, 2007
Hi, now I am trying to integrate  login process of our own organization  to alfresco. Basically, a user needs to access a CGI page to enter our organization account (username/password). And the CGI will check the account information against the session manager. Once this is done, the session manager will give an Ikey to the applicaiton (in this case, Alfresco), and then the application(alfresco) needs to communication with the session manger using the Ikey to get a user's information(name, email etc). The full description can be found at
once this is done successfully,  we will make application to do the Alfresco login (just like the login() in loginBean does).

Now my question, how can Alfresco can extract the IKey from the session manager's reponse( actually the Ikey is appended as a parameter to the URL where the browser is redierected)? Is writing a servlet to do this a good idea? or some other better ways?