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Alfresco-Moodle myspace_preview_panel.ftl Modifcation

Question asked by kurt2439 on Feb 12, 2009

I didn't know if anyone here was integrating Moodle and Alfresco but I've been having some issues with the hack for it and I think my problem is on the Alfresco side. I'm using Alfresco Enterprise 3.0.1 code but hopefully it is pretty similar to Labs 3.

I am trying to modify this file: tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/templates/client/myspaces_preview_panel.ftl

It is not my hack or modification but I believe it should create a small icon/button in the alfresco browser which sends the repository file link for the document back to moodle. Here is the modified code surrounded by the standard code

<table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<#assign navurl='/navigate/showDocDetails/' + node.nodeRef.storeRef.protocol + '/' + node.nodeRef.storeRef.identifier + '/' +>
<#if node.isDocument>

<!– Moodle link stuff –>
<a style="padding-left:5px" class="childSpaceLink"
href="${url.context}${node.url}&repo_item_title=${}"><strong>Send Link To Moodle</strong></a> </td> </tr>
<!– End Moodle link stuff –>

   <#if node.isLocked>
               <td class="spaceAction docActionCheckout docActionLocked">(Locked)</td>

Has anyone successfully done this before, or know about modifying this particular file? Do I need to save it somewhere else if I modify it or something?

Thanks for looking this over,