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Demoing Alfresco WCM

Question asked by jose.noheda on Feb 12, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2009 by jose.noheda

I'm currently preparing a demo of Alfresco WCM for an important european bank. They're interested in a OSS CMS solution WITH professional support (from the vendor) and Alfresco WCM currently tops the list. They've asked us to prepare a demo. Their requirements are pretty much handled by Alfresco out-of-the-box except for one as they want to use the DM to store the dynamic content and then use the publish feature to copy all the static content to a file system AND to generate HTML from the stored content (say content provided using web forms). They won't allow any database access (or an application server) in this layer (no DMZ) just static content. Any ideas about how to handle this need? I know we'll probably need to build/provide a custom solution.

And another question, while trying Alfresco 3 (both versions) I've been unable to complete a demo (I've faced several different errors). I would like to showcase WCM and a workflow. Ideally Studio as well. I've noticed the extra folder includes some templates and forms but I wasn't able to use them effectively. I've found help/resources to be very very scarce. Can someone point me in the right direction?