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How alfresco is being used?

Question asked by smilyg on Feb 13, 2009

I am completely new to alfresco. i have few doubts regarding this.

we need to build a web portal having social networking and much more…. , so we were analyzing alfresco. we are familiar with Liferay also.

1.) In alfresco labs version it has 'alfresco client ' , 'studio' , 'share' …. all are probably for different functionality but how these are collectively being used for building a web portal ?

2.) We have downloaded both 'alfresco labs3 ' and 'alfresco enterprise trial version' and tried. but both seems same at running. while enterprise version will definitely have some good features then labs version as listed on the site.

3.) Which technologies we must know to create custom components in alfresco? is it easy to do?

4.) Is it easy to create custom themes and templates in alfresco?

5.) I read somewhere that 'self user registration' kind of functionality is not provided by alfresco we have to write webscripts for that is it true? we don't have any idea about web scripts.

6.)Is it something like, that alfresco can build complex and good web portals then Liferay can?

Please Help us to show some direction.

Thanks In Advance,