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Help: Incorrect Search results when using a custom view

Question asked by oilg on Nov 7, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2007 by kevinr
Dear all,
My intention is to provide our users with different document views, depending on the documents attribute values of a custom aspect. I do so by putting custom views performing saved searches to spaces representing a "view-tree".

Unfortunately, my views do not return all documents. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Does anyone have a proposal how to cope with this requirement in a better way?

Below the code of one of the ftl:

<h3>Results for Status Approved</h3>
<table cellpadding=2>
      <td><b>Storage location</b></td>

<#list companyhome.childrenBySavedSearch["workspace://SpacesStore/90e34b0b-6531-11dc-a239-c5e6df8c822c"] ?sort_by(['properties','cm:modified'])?reverse as child>
      <#if child.isDocument>
            <td><a href="/alfresco${child.url}" target="new"><img src="/alfresco${child.icon16}" border=0></a></td>
            <td><a href="/alfresco${child.url}" target="new">${}</a></td>
      </#if> </#list>

Any help is very appreciated