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Alfresco self defence

Question asked by bjohanns7p on Feb 13, 2009
Hello board,

how about something like "alfresco self defence" - i.e. a user or even admin should not be allowed to do things (from the web frontend/explorer) that could or will lead to some serious failure.

We experienced such trouble during our first alfresco steps. In an attempt to customize alfresco 3B to german one of our admins translated and moved spaces (through the web interface by simple renaming/moving - I do not speak about property-files, webscripts or the like).
The renaming of "data dictionary" to the german equivalent and the movement of the "sites"-folder to the (translated)" data dictionary caused some serious trouble. We recognized our mistake during regular log monitoring (there was little sign on the surface that things went wrong) and reverted some of our changes (those which caused logged errors).
Unfortunately the major trouble went unnoticed until now - this course of action has caused some kind of havoc within the alfresco data storage so that we are unable to move to Lab3D. All courses of action we tried failed so far (including space export from 3C and import in 3D). Somehow something was changed so badly that 3D is unable to cope with the situation (whereas 3C works ok - apart from some share functions we need - that's why we want to move to 3D).

So I would like to see at least some kind of "you are about to destroy everything if you click <ok> now"-warning before a user or admin is about to nuke the system.
You may argue that nobody should rename system spaces (maybe it is written somewhere in the manuals, but I don't remember reading something about it) - but if something must not be done, I prefer not to be able to do it.

I think this kind of self defense would add some robustness - and I like robust products  :P