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Multi tenancy (MT) configuration files labs 3 final

Question asked by lirux on Feb 15, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2009 by lirux
I'm testing multi tenancy on Lafresco Labs 3 final on Windows Vista and derby.
In the wiki I read the MT page ( but I've not found the three spring context files mentioned there:

    * alfresco/extension/mt/mt-context.xml.sample -> alfresco/extension/mt/mt-context.xml
    * alfresco/extension/mt/mt-admin-context.xml.sample -> alfresco/extension/mt/mt-admin-context.xml
    * alfresco/extension/mt/mt-contentstore-context.xml.sample -> alfresco/extension/mt/mt-contentstore-context.xml

So I downloaded those files from svn (here and I manually deployed them in Alfresco. Are these the correct configuration files?

Thank you in advance,