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Performance Issues

Question asked by kroekle on Feb 16, 2009
We're pretty new to Alfresco and we figure we are missing some configuration options.  We're trying to convert from just storing files in a directory to storing them in alfresco (attributing them for easy retrieval).  In doing so, the load seems to slow down greatly as the conversion goes on.  At the start of the conversion the load is going very fast, about 7 minutes for the first 800 documents (not all the time is spent loading documents), but after that it took about 20 more hours to load the next 16,000 documents.  The conversion converts more then just documents, but I've run the conversion without loading documents and it will convert 90,000 records in about 7 hours (each record would have one document attached).  With this initial conversion we want to convert about 2 million documents.  The documents we are converting are mostly images, but can be pdf's or other binary files.  The documents are located on the same server so network bandwith is not the problem.  I found this page ( and tried to set the jvm options to the suggested options, but tomcat wouldn't even start up (I've included the tomcat config that I am using below).  I did notice on this page a comment about how indexes are created (either atomic or background) and think this might be factoring into the problem, but I cannot find where this is configured.  We are using the alfresco webservice calls to load the documents and are saving the documents in one of two folders in alfresco.  The cpu is not spiking during the conversion, so I don't think it's a cpu issue.

Any advice correcting, diagnosing or even a better process of loading (should we not be using the webservice) would be greatly appreciated.


Tomcat config (running tomcat as a service):

Alfresco: Labs - v3.0.0 (Stable 1526)
OS: win 2003 server (32 bit)
Java: 1.6.0_10
Server: dual 3G processors, 4G ram, single 300G scsi disk