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Trying to access ServiceRegistry

Question asked by erennion on Nov 8, 2007
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to develop a simple portlet that retrieves some data from Alfresco (both Alfresco and a Liferay Portal are deployed in the same Tomcat instance).

In order to achieve this goal, I obtain an Alfresco repository via JNDI as is explained in AR-1131

My problems begin when I need to check the permissions of a given Alfresco node. This is because the Repository implemented in AR-1130 doen't have a ServiceRegistry among its attributes. And if I try to make a cast to a RepositoryImpl class I have an ClassCastException.

There's any other way obtaining that ServiceRegistry? Or maybe another way obtaining node permissions?

If I have to retrieve a ServiceRegistry bean directly…How can I access Spring ApplicationContext from a webapp outside Alfresco (but in the same webserver)??

Thanks in advance. :)