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Assocation between content versions.

Question asked by alexv on Feb 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2009 by derek

I would like to create content association with the particular version of another content.

1) create items:
content v1.0
linkedContent v1.0

2) create assocation:
content v1.0 -> linkedContent v1.0

3) create new version of linked content:
linkedContent v1.1

actual result)
content v1.0 -> linkedContent v1.1

desired result)
content v1.0 -> linkedContent v1.0

I tried to make association between nodes in version2Store, but I received "UnsupportedOperationException" as a result.

Is there any way to leave that association immutable? Or,
Is there any way to set the version of the linked content node explicitly, when association is created?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.